How to Set and Achieve Your Goals and Resolutions

Everyone has goals, whether they are aware of them or not. The end of the year is a great time for reflection and setting goals and resolutions. Many people set goals but few achieve them successfully. Why?

The main issue is that many goals are poorly conceived are not reachable, intentional and focused on specific things Many people don't take the time to write down their goals and map out the pathway to success with milestones along the way pathway. This article sets out some of the tips for setting specific, practical and reachable goals. This will teach you the basic skills for setting and designing goals that create the pathway to success in achieving your goals and resolutions.

There are some great apps and many online tools for setting goals and monitoring your progress using graphs. See: Goal Setting Worksheet | How to Set, Track and Monitor your Goals.

Create SMART gols
Create SMART gols. Source: Original Image: John Anderson
Break-down major goals into small achievable steps
Break-down major goals into small achievable steps. Source: Original Image: John Anderson

Achievable goals are specific - Set goals that are precisely defined and have specific quantities and measures. Don't say "I must lose weight", but "I will lose 10 pounds by my birthday in March. If you want to save money specify the amount and time. Write down "I will save $200 a month to reach my goal of $1000 by this time next year". Your goal won't work unless you are specific.

Achievable goals are simple and independent - Many people make the mistake of describe their goals in very complex terms such as "leaving my jog and retiring on the beach". That may be a very desirable goal but there are many components that all need to happen before it can be achieved. The combination of elements can become overwhelming unless you break the complex outcome into a series of small simple steps. Keep your goals clear, simple and focused and define the pathway and interrelationships.

Achievable goals are significant and worthwhile - The effort and changes required to achieve your goals will not be worthwhile unless you can muster the enthusiasm, courage and motivation to reach your goal. Your goals must be something that you really care about and will make a real difference in your life. Otherwise why would you bother. The end has to justify the means and effort required. Set goals that are worthwhile, will make a difference and can really engage you.

Achievable goals are strategic, meaningful and life changing - The most meaningful goals have multiple benefits and outcomes. Choose and design your goals a sets for strategically outcome that benefit as many aspects of your life as possible. This will provide extra motivation as you will have more reasons for wanting to reach your goal and there will be more excitement when you are successful.

Achievable goals can be quantified, measured and monitored - A goal that you can not measure in some way is just a pipe-dream. Happiness and self-esteem and confidence are hard to measure as concepts but their can be measured if you define what you need to become happier or to improve your self-esteem. Set some measurable targets - "I am not happy in my job". "This relationship is not working". What gets measured, gets done - what can't be measured, can't be done. Define your goals in terms of money, height, weight, time or other measures. Then you can measure your progress in terms or the measurable quantity. You can set targets, milestones and a schedule to achieve your desired outcome.

Achievable goals are rational and sensible - To achieve your goal, you need to develop a plan, a target, a pathway, a set of milestones and a method and strategy for achieving success. Your goals must make sense and not be unreachable or impossible. When you get your friends and family involved, your goals must make sense and people must see that they are sensible and that you can get there with their help and encouragement. Set goals that you can and will achieve.

Achievable goals are tangible - Reachable goals are thing you can conceive, hear, see, smell or touch. Choose things that will bring you enjoyment and that you can clearly touch and see. Instead of "financial security” define you goal as a bank balance you can read on a bank statement. Avoid or redefine abstract goals.

Achievable goals are written down - Achievers know exactly what they want to achieve and they don't lose sight of their goals, because they write it down of a piece of paper or store them in their computers or smartphones. It is a good idea to not only list the goals but to write a short description of their goals and the milestones are schedule. It is also a good idea to remind yourself of your goals by writing them down every morning or one a week. The physical act of writing things down is much better than simply reading them. Shopping is much more efficient with a written list, goals that are written down increases your chance of success. Write down you goals and keep the list in a prominent place and write them down repeatedly.

Achievable goals are have a shared vision - People are far more likely to remain on-track and on-schedule to achieve their goals if they are shared with friends and family. This not only cements he commitment by your friends and family can provide the support you need for success. Teams are far more effective that lone individuals. Sharing will increase your determination, your stamina and commitment, and your motivation and courage. However make sure that the sharing will be respectful. Don't share your goals with people who could ridicule, tease, discourage or laugh at you! Find an understanding and sensitive support team - a coach, a group of cheerleaders and better still a group of people who are trying to achieve similar goals.

Achievable goals are consistent with your value and beliefs - One major cause of failure with goals is because they create a conflict between their values and their behavior and what is needed to reach your goals. Make sure you clarify your values first and then set specific, simple, measurable, written goals, tangible and monitor your progress. Goals that are inconsistent with your values will block your progress and impede your success.

Achievable goals can be visualized - you can see yourself achieving the goal - To change you life requires physical changes but changing your attitudes is more important - the way you think and value things. You should visualize what the achievement will feel like, and how different your life will be when you have succeeded. Things have to change including your attitudes. If you can’t picture yourself after you have achieved the goal, chances are you won’t be able to turn your goals to reality.

Achievable goals need a plan, a target, a schedule and a set of defined milestones - Make a plan to define a path that you need to follow to reach the goal. Create a set of action steps and milestones you can use to monitor progress. Identify the critical steps for success. You need to turn the mental image (the dream) into reality (the pathway to success).

Achievable goals need a system for monitoring progress - You need to review your overall progress an achievement of the steps along the way daily, weekly or monthly. You need to check you are making progress and if necessary modify your plan or what you re doing to keep on track. Don’t allow the goal to fail or just fade away. Keep monitoring to keep it on track and working towards the ultimate goal.

Measure your success
Measure your success. Source: Original Image: John Anderson
Move beyond the Half-Life
Move beyond the Half-Life. Source: Original Image: John Anderson
The SUCCESS sytem for better goals.
The SUCCESS sytem for better goals. Source: Original Image: John Anderson
Track your progress.
Track your progress. Source: Original Image: John Anderson